The I.T. Department for your Business

Blue Oak I.T. is a systems integrator whose processes are focused on problem solving. A typical Help Desk focuses on a singular approach to a technical problem with little emphasis on improving processes. Our Blue Connect Service Desk focuses on a user-centric, personalized approach to understand your employees’ challenges and to create a positive experience for all.

Our Flat-Fee Managed Services, where you pay a set amount each month that provides you with unlimited IT support, allow a small business to be able to predict and budget for IT costs.

Managed Services

Our Blue Connect program provides small businesses with 24/7 monitoring so when a situation arises, remediation starts immediately. Blue Oak I.T. strives to create a true partnership in the protection, maintenance and management of your systems.


Blue Oak I.T. is here to provide you with help by selecting the right hardware and software for your business. Blue Oak I.T. is a certified partner of VMware and Citrix Xen enabling us to support virtualization solutions that can grow with your business. Servers, workstations, and mobile devices: we are able to integrate all your systems.


At the center of your systems lies the network infrastructure. It connects your systems to the resources your employees require. Blue Oak I.T. installs and supports all the components, from voice/data cabling, wireless APs, and network switches, to VLANs, firewalls and more.

Security Solutions to protect from Threats

The scope and complexity of threats is growing daily- at millions of new threats a day. A breach in your data security can be one of the most costly disasters to a small business. If your systems become infected with ransomware or sensitive information is stolen from one of them, it can collapse a business overnight.

Blue Oak I.T. can provide your business with the data security expertise it needs to truly be protected. We start with a network/security assessment, and finish by working with you to develop a customized security solution that fits your business while maintaining regulatory compliances such as HIPAA.

Managed Security Services

Managed Security services afford small businesses the 24/7 security necessary to mitigate risks and, if a situation arises, restore operational processes and data integrity with speed, resources, and skill to protect and secure data integrity.

Remote Access Solutions

Having access to your data from anywhere with any device is fast becoming a standard requirement. We have the experts who can ensure access to your resources remotely, but also that the security is in place to protect them from threats.

Protect your Devices

The ability to have access to your data from your mobile devices offers great convenience. However, having the device stolen or lost can put your customer data and your business at risk. Blue Oak I.T. provides solutions to protect your devices using the latest in encryption methods, multi-factor authentication, device tracking, and more.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Every small business wrestles with the issue of data backups. Most recognize the need, which is mandated by compliance regulations, to secure important business data. According to the ICSA, the real impact of data loss can be significant:

  • 50% chance a company will go out of business immediately when critical data is lost
  • Odds of failure increase to 90% within two years when a business loses critical data
  • On average, data loss costs 20 days of productivity.

Blue Oak I.T. works with you develop a data recovery plan that details what should be backed up, when it should be done, and how to integrate with off-site storage.

Device Backup and Recovery

Blue Oak I.T. offers local and off-site protection for data and applications. We set up automatic backups of all your systems so when the unthinkable happens, we will have your business back up as quickly as possible.

Virtual Servers

One option to ensure faster recovery in the event something happens, is to utilize our DRAAS (Disaster Recovery As A Service). Our DRAAS solutions provides local and off-site backups of you servers, but if a failure occurs, we can use your off-site backup to mount your server at our data center. This provides you the ability to be back up and running regardless if your server requires parts or repairs may cause a serious delay.

Network and Security Assessments

Being proactive to prevent disasters eliminates the potential loss of business. Blue Oak I.T. can scan your network both internally and externally to locate any flaws that might exist and work with you to prioritize the issues and develop a plan to resolve them.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud services enable you to get enterprise-level information technology at a cost that aligns with your business model. At Blue Oak I.T. , we are cloud specialists. As a Systems Integrator, we are able to incorporate cloud solutions that help unify your work flow, while taking advantage of the benefits that cloud based systems provide. We work with you to determine which type – Private, Public or
Hybrid – is the best fit for your business. This way, we can integrate the best cloud technologies that focus on security, compliance, cost, and availability, while providing the most benefit for your business.

Public Cloud Solutions

Technology is a driver for competitive advantage where, in the past, large companies dominated. With Cloud solutions, such as Microsoft Office 365, technology is  available that gives small companies the same advantage as a big company. Public Cloud services provide Exchange Email, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Legal Case Management, and other applications.

Private Cloud Solutions

Private cloud is a fully dedicated server infrastructure that exists at your business location or in one of our state-of-the-art data centers. It provides increased security and allows you to segregate your processes, transactions and systems to meet your needs. It also meets any regulatory compliance requirements, such as HIPAA or PCI.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

A Hybrid Cloud configuration provides best-of-both-worlds, by allowing your business to take advantage of cost-saving benefits of the Public Cloud and keep critical applications secure and compliant within your Private Cloud.

Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

Identifying the risks and vulnerabilities of your IT systems is critical to ensure the security of your data. Compliance regulations require it but as a business owner, you need to know what risks exist within your technology infrastructure.

Blue Oak I.T. ‘s Managed Compliance Services enables us to provide a solution that helps you not only achieve compliance, but also to maintain compliance, regardless of your industry. With our Auditing, Remediation and Managed Compliance Monitoring processes you will know where the risks are within your infrastructure and have a prioritized plan to resolve them.

Regulatory Compliance

Our process provides a thorough analysis of threats, risks, and vulnerabilities that exist, both internally and externally, in your systems. Our audit provides details on the implications and consequences of the flaws within your system, per HIPAA, PCI or other regulatory requirements.

Remediation Services

After an audit, we provide you with a prioritized list of specific remediation tasks that is aligned with your business systems. The remediation and validation process addresses components requiring modifications based on priorities from the highest to the lowest risk.

Compliance Management

To ensure that your systems remain in compliance once the audit and remediation is complete,  our Managed Compliance Services provides a solution to maintain compliance regardless of your regulatory requirements.

Connectivity Solutions

Blue Oak I.T. is a systems integrator who provides a one-stop service for all your connectivity needs. As your technology partner, we are experts in the integration of voice and data services.

Our relationship with the telecom\Internet service providers lets us be your one point-of-contact. This provides you with peace of mind, knowing that with one service request, the problem will be handled. No more wasting time and effort determining where the problem lies so that you can call the vendor responsible. Blue  Oak I.T. takes of care of it for you.

Internet / Data Services

We have partner agreements with carriers that service the state of South Carolina. Instead of one quote from a single vendor, we compile quotes from all vendors who can provide the services your require, then sit down with you to determine the best fit for your business.



On-Site and Hosted Telephone Solutions

VoIP phone systems provide flexibility that previous legacy phone systems cannot. Small businesses now have options when considering a phone system. One such option is Hosted, where the phone system is based with a service provider and your phones connect via an Internet or dedicated connection. The other is to have an on-site phone system, which, when using a VoIP system, you can utilize your existing network infrastructure. Blue Oak I.T. offers systems by Spirit Telecom, Shoretel, Avaya, and others.

Wireless Solutions

Blue Oak I.T is experienced in designing, installing and supporting wireless connectivity. We can handle almost any project: from setting up wireless access for your guests to extended wireless coverage for a campus or church.

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